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Director of Finance & Integration at Refinitiv

Eileen P. Kelly is currently Director of Finance & Integration at Refinitiv. Prior to this role, she worked in Digital Transformation at Thomson Reuters and various strategic and operational roles.

Eileen has also worked in operations in Latin America in the Global Growth & Operations Group. Before joining Thomson Reuters, she spent five years at Unilever in various financial roles and as an economic analyst in their office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 


Eileen is a graduated member of the She Should Run incubator program, a non-profit dedicated to having more women run for public office, a co-host for the Artists for Peace & Justices’ on-going fundraising events which seek to build free education in the arts for students in Haiti, and serves on the Board of Directors for the non-profit, Harlem Dowling, a child welfare agency which provides services to children in areas of academic support.


 Eileen is passionate about mobile technology, product strategy, and the travel industry and is Co-Founder of a mobile application called Wing it Travel. She earned a BA from Colgate University in International Relations and is a member of Colgate’s Presidents Club.  

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