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Our Approach



Equishui is embodying a new model of care that renews and heals the healers, empowers those seeking well being in a beautiful demonstration of a mutually enhancing way of being in relationship with the earth.  We are committed to healing the whole person through our  multi-faceted therapeutic approach that includes equine therapy, animal assisted therapy, positive horsemanship, farm therapy, and other experiential therapies.

Grounded in principles of interconnectedness, Equishui is committed to healing from the earth up and weaves the thread of reciprocal healing through a comprehensive range of programs in equine therapy, animal assisted therapy, farm therapy and other experiential and evidence-based therapies.


Shared journey. Mutually enriching and healing experience for the healers and those seeking wellbeing. It is not a passive surrender of the body to healers but a taking-part in the healing process.


Build connection with self, others and nature. Through equine therapy and other innovative therapies, we teach people critical life skills to to reclaim self-worth and personal dignity. Need to add another line to make it longer or what. not sure a


Light bulb moments. •Natural surroundings create a safe, therapeutic environment that offers  opportunities  for stillness and reconnection to the sense of being part of something bigger and transcendent.

Transform  lives by inspiring  people to live in a symbiotic relationship with the earth.

Through farm therapy and sustainable practices we teach people how to support each other in walking more lightly on the earth.

Activities that heal the body, enlighten the mind and inspire the heart.


The Eagala Model is a team approach that includes a licensed, credentialed Mental Health Professional, a qualified Equine Specialist, and horses working together with the client in an arena at all times.

When inside the arena, all the work is done on the ground with the horses front and center, deliberately unhindered and never ridden, and allowed to interact with the client as they wish. This creates the space for the client, with the support of the professional facilitators, to reflect, project, and make deep connections.

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