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Children & Teens




EquiShui’s Children & Teen program is an experiential, social, emotional and ethical learning program geared towards at-risk children and teens from or around NYC who do not have the opportunity to be a part of the natural world very often.


Through powerful interactions with horses, farm animals, nature and art, children explore important skills such as building resilience, confidence, self-esteem, asserting healthy boundaries, and managing obstacles.

At the farm, through equine assisted activities, we create memorable opportunities for children and teens to be immersed in nature and horses so that they can cultivate connection to themselves, others and the community.

  • At EquiShui, we provide Equine-assisted learning (EAL); experiential learning programs that promote the development of life skills through equine-assisted activities.  

  • Horses have been proven to be uniquely successful for psychotherapy, as they respond to and mirror human behavior.

  • We use EAL programming to help heal men, women, and children who are dealing with the impact of trauma in their lives.

  • By fostering a special connection with our horses, we teach the importance of trust, awareness, and patience. 


  • Greater confidence and self-esteem.

  • Better communication and social skills.

  • Improved self-regulation and impulse control.

  • Increased feelings of connection to self and others.

  • Better trust in self, others and sense of relatedness, well-being, and community engagement.

  • Increased empathy through social, emotional, and ethical curriculum framework.

  • Higher probability to adopt eco-friendly and compassion based behaviors.


  • Engage children in the exploration of concepts like “there’s no such place as away” and the interconnectedness of all life.

  • Learn and discuss the importance of safe spaces within communities, culture, and life.

  • Help children and teens connect with their inner resources and harness their creativity to build curiosity, confidence and connection.

  • Provide children and teens with resilience and protective factors necessary to avoid possible negative life outcomes.


Children and teens are invited on an enchanted journey through the world of nature, horses, art and mindfulness where they gain a deeper understanding of connection to self, the natural world, and each other. Groups may bring their own snacks and lunch to enjoy.



Field trips at the farm are designed to encourage wonder, building connections and developing self-confidence. Children and teens are taken on a 4-5 hour enchanted journey through the world of horses and nature where they learn about stewardship and taking care of the earth while building critical life skills. We use the farm as an outdoor classroom to explore, ask questions and make connections between the health of our environment and our own.

All of our field trip program options provide age-appropriate activities and lessons that blend in facets of the natural world, art, mindfulness, ethics and curiosity.  We can also work with you to create a unique experience tailored to meet your needs and align with the lessons children & teens are currently working on.



EquiShui's after school program is packed with outdoor equine assisted learning activities that empowers children and teens by creating confidence in their ability to address intimidating and challenging situations in their lives.


Children and teens will participate in 2-3 hour session once a month throughout the school year with each lesson building upon the last, following our curriculum. They will engage in self-discovery and build deeper connections to nature, themselves and each other.


Children & teens will be split up with a maximum of 5 per group.


In a rotation scenario, children & teens would be moving between different “stations” at the farm with stations for therapeutic horsemanship, grooming, obstacle courses, wellness and arts. Stations will be split into categories depending upon the session (art, mindfulness, garden education, animal communication, sustainability and ethics). 

Please note that there is no riding during our equine assisted activities. Children and teens will learn about the horses, how to communicate with them, take care of them and connect with them. The unmounted experience provides an introduction to therapy horses and equine assisted activities. 


Children and teens will enjoy hands-on interaction with our horses in a safe and supportive environment. Children must be at least four years of age or accompanied by a caretaker if younger.




Therapeutic horsemanship for children and teens introduces them to horses and teaches them how to communicate and build equine relationships.

During the session each child has an opportunity to learn and apply non-verbal communication skills as a means of building a relationship with one of our ponies in order to build compassion, trust and respect. These same skills can then be utilized with their parents, friends and in all other human relationships.

Kids Painting


Depending on the group, we will have an arts and/or nature station which helps the children and teens build curiosity about the natural world and express their creativity in new and exciting ways.

We use different approaches to art by introducing children to the practise of ephemeral art using materials in nature that are subject to decay and disappearance.  



Children and teens will each have an intimate grooming and pampering session with one of our ponies.  

Caring for a horse or pony can help develop many positive traits in children like empathy, responsibility, patience, kindness and self-regulation.



Children and teens  lead one of our ponies through an obstacle course.  In the process, they gain self-confidence, assertiveness, and an ability to be fully in the present moment.

The activity of leading and handling the ponies from the ground empower the children with both self-worth and a sense of value necessary to overcome possible negative outcomes in the future.

Learn more about how to prepare for your visit to the farm. We look forward to having you at the farm!

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